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Trying to keep up with Men’s fashion

Trying to keep up with Men’s fashion

No matter what shit the Wall Street Journal talks about the economy getting worse and worse, we SHOULD NOT let this take away our desire and our conviction that we can and should dream of happiness, innovation, and creativity. 

This age of uncertainty, turmoil may be akin to the 

state of Chinese History when Sun Zhu shone during the Warring States Period when Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Guan rose to bring China into the Three Kingdoms Period. 

Maybe there isn’t a war because we all know of the horrors that could befall all of us if there was another World War. But it is time for all of us seek out what we wat and battle all of those who stand in our way. You might call it a Warring States Period approach on the American Dream. 

Prophecy of those who do not believe

To those who fear the world and those who say things like “You can’t do that”, I say to you, death has cast his shadow on you first. 

The bozzos who try to grind you down (thank you Mr. Kawasaki) are the ones who will be die sooner and without glory or honor. 

They do not realize that the simple human trait of curiosity, the desire to create and see things differently, and the wish to bring happiness to others are the secrets to youth. 

As Don Draper says in Mad men, we don’t have time for unbelievers like you. 

So if you do not want to embrace innovation, hope, creativity…then you have made the choice to hasten the process of your perishing. Adieu oh you fallen ones. 

But the prophecy and the curse of fear can be lifted any time! All you need to do is is embrace the freedom to ask and learn and be faithful that anybody like you (even if you have failed at life) can bring good into this world. 

Welcome Home by ABH

Such an inspirational advertisement. Don’t I want to buy Pantene shampoo now? :) By Grey Thailand

Cool USER GENERATED Album art for one of my favorite artists: PVD

Cool USER GENERATED Album art for one of my favorite artists: PVD

I had an epiphany about myself. Not too long ago, I pledged to myself that I would become learner of things. Though the emotions still come back, I have thrown away emotions of jealousy, feelings of worthlessness, and pride. When I do get overwhelmed, I start backtracking, tenaciously asking question after question to figure out what element went wrong. I will forever be grateful to the resourceful Socrates for making realize the true beauty and power behind man’s curiosity.

I was just part of an amazing dialogue with a designer who works at the firm I intern at. We talked about the wonders of Japanese design (anime, toy stores, influences on Steve Jobs), How to display items in an art gallery vs. a retail store, a McDonald’s with a fireplace (wtf?). He made me realize something: I am genuinely happy when I surround myself with design. I am energized when I talk about it, turning the flurry of meaningful observations into a grand strategy. I don’t feel tired, miserable, depressed, or disappointed when I consider the joys of design. I am thankfully led back to a maxim of life that I had originally set for myself: To Embrace Vibrancy, Beautiful Sensations of the Five Senses, and the Desire to recreate those experiences for the appropriate audiences to make them happy. I now set forth to engage and immerse myself in what I am truly passionate about: Beautiful Design. One Quick Thought: I am an Industrial Engineer and I will do whatever I can to fill the voide of emotionless content of optimization with purpose, meaning, and happiness.